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Req ID: 0134

All-Source Analyst Level II (3+ yrs experience) - Quantico, Virginia

Clearance Level - TS/SCI  (must possess or be able to obtain)

Required Skills:

  • Conduct research, create intelligence products, create intelligence estimate assessments, and conduct intelligence briefings on request based on MCIA’s Program of Analysis (POA) and its Key Intelligence Questions (KIQ).

  • Annually publish/produce at least the minimum number of all-source analysis products (e.g., written and oral reports) as dictated by  production requirements on assigned account.

  • Collect, analyze, interpret, evaluate and integrate complex data from multiple sources to assess the relevance and significance of developments in his/her assigned subject matter and geographic area(s).

  • Attend, participate in, and contribute to relevant conferences and other events.

  • Maintain contact with counterparts in other intelligence organizations to keep abreast of current developments, to resolve problems to eliminate duplication, and to provide free flow of information on matters of intelligence interest.

  •  Identify intelligence gaps, recommend and submit collection requirements to fill gaps.

  • Collect, analyze, interpret, evaluate and research utilizing Open Source tools, techniques, methodology and software.

  • Deliver subject matter expertise to support the development of new processes, procedures, and technologies.

  • Conduct all-source analysis to assess foreign military order of battle, organizational structure, unit disposition, and unit missions; and identify discrepancies with current data holdings and update/revise accordingly.

  • Conduct all-source analysis to evaluate foreign military systems to include, but not limited to, air defense, coastal defense, medium- and long-range ballistic missiles and their associated platforms and targeting systems.

  • Conduct all-source analysis to evaluate foreign military operations and exercises to identify tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), strategy, doctrine, readiness, and proficiency in employing various military capabilities and supporting activities including, but not limited to, survivability, denial and deception, Command, Control, Communications and Computers (C4), targeting, and logistics.

  • Analyze foreign military forces, potential activities and assets to include, but not limited to, movements, logistics and maintenance, readiness, C4, defensive systems, and survivability tactics.

  • Conduct all-source methods to project the discovery, development, and deployment of advanced technologies and their potential impact on USMC forces.

  • Follow technology transfer and its military impact and ability of recipient actors to assimilate transferred technology.

  • Apply knowledge of foreign military system capabilities and limitations to assess opportunities for USMC exploitation and USMC system and doctrine vulnerabilities.

  • Produce written intelligence assessments and briefings to support consumers at the tactical, operational, and strategic level.

  • Assess information gaps, develop collection strategies, compose collection requirements, and provide feedback to collection officers.

  • Possess knowledge of Asia-Pacific intelligence operations, functions and collaboration supported by SIPRNet and SCINet.

  • Produce and deliver written intelligence assessments and briefings to support consumers at the tactical, operational, and strategic level as assigned.  Written products will meet Intelligence Community Standards (e.g., ICD 203, 206, 208) and MCIA standards and adhere to MCIA production and review processes.

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