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Req ID: 0139

Collection Manager - Junior (3 yrs experience & Bachelor's degree) - Quantico, Virginia

Clearance Level - TS/SCI  (must possess or be able to obtain)

Required Skills:

  • Receive and analyze intelligence requirements.

  • Determine resource availability and capacity.

  • Research, develop, draft, coordinate, monitor, and task collection requirements.

  • Develop and activate Multi-INT collection strategies to provide most complete approach to intelligence gaps.

  • Design various operational activities, propose recommendations, and identify pros and cons of various operational scenarios.

  • Apply various technical collection systems, independently and collectively, to address intelligence collection requirements.

  • Evaluate reporting.

  • Identify unsatisfied and new intelligence requirements in collaboration with all source analysts.

  • Update collection planning.

  • Provide on-site support to all source intelligence analysis by submitting requirements for Human Intelligence (HUMINT), Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT), Measurement and Signals Intelligence (MASINT), and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) collection.

  • Plan and coordinate the full range of blended operations and support activities for one or more Continental United States (CONUS) and/or Outside CONUS (OCONUS) operations.

  • Provide in-depth research on existing operations, and intelligence assessments based on all­ source information.

  • Collaborate with legal, technical, analytic, counterintelligence, and other Government components to ensure the integrity of ongoing operations.

  • Provide operational guidance for ongoing operations.

  • Brief leadership on the status of the operations.

An additional 4 years of experience for a total of 7 years of experience may be substituted for a Bachelor’s degree.

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