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Req ID: 0142


(3 yrs experience & Bachelor's degree) - Quantico, Virginia

Clearance Level - TS/SCI  (must possess or be able to obtain)

Required Skills:

  • Conduct daily research and all-source analysis of adversary kill webs and the associated sensors, communication architecture, command and control procedures, targeting processes, and weapon systems, with a particular emphasis on those that present a specific threat to Marine Corps equities. Incorporate finished intelligence and reporting from various intelligence sources into analysis.

  • Produce written and graphic products, to include kill web overviews and sensor-to-shooter timelines, as required to disseminate analytical findings in accordance with key intelligence questions specific to adversary kill chain analysis.

  • Identify gaps in Branch and Service knowledge and take action with the Branch to resolve those gaps through research, collection, analysis, and production.

  • Provide and maintain writing proficiency. Produce timely and relevant formal intelligence products in accordance with Kill Chain Analysis Branch deliberate production planning and in response to ad-hoc requests for information.

  • Provide and maintain understanding of the systems and weapons that comprise the adversary kill web, to include Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance systems as well as kinetic and non-kinetic weapon systems.

  • Provide and maintain understanding of the adversary kill web process, including their targeting cycle, flow of information, and decision-making functions.

An additional 4 years of experience for a total of 7 years of experience may be substituted for a Bachelor’s degree.

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