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Req ID: 0007

Journeyman Analytic Methodologist (5+ yrs experience) 

Clearance Level - TS/SCI  (must possess or be able to obtain)

Job Description:
Analytical Methodologists determines best approach, techniques, and workflows applicable to mission needs and analytic initiatives and develops new and current methods to deconstruct intelligences problems for analysis.  AOE Ams are responsible for planning and integrating data and mission across the Eurasia Line of Business and assists in developing requirements for capturing data a ns schema design.

In addition, the duties outlined in the Base SOW, the contractor shall:

  • Develop an understanding of mission and analytical requirements; recommends specific data sources and types to satisfy mission needs; determines requirements to collect new data.

  • Collaborate with NSG and IC counterparts to devise methods for addressing complex national intelligence questions, identify best practices and deliver analytic solutions.

  • Maintain subject matter expertise in eliciting tacit knowledge capture from customer and deconstructing problem statements and analytical challenges for GPOA to resolve key questions

  • Advise customers on the use of structured and unstructured data.

  • Identify new opportunities for process improvement through evaluating a wide range of existing method, models, and algorithms, and by recognizing the capabilities and limitations of methods.

  • Apply analytic approach and logic to assist in the designing of Mission Views/Schemas to capture structured observation in line with Eurasia Data Strategy and through appropriate problem-solving techniques.

  • Determine best approach, techniques, and workflows for tradecraft applicable to mission needs and analytic initiatives.

  • Provide guidance on new techniques, method, processes, and tradecraft through documentation.

  • Lead collaborative efforts to develop coherent analytic strategies by identifying and developing analytic methods and research techniques using SOM, integrating technology, and applying analytics to disseminate data through visualization tools.

  • Synchronize data from numerous sources; develops data taxonomy to support integration into intelligence products from SOM to ABI data integration

  • Identify and develops quantitative and qualitive analytic techniques to identify, collect, process, and analyze large data sets for specified purposes; educates analyst how to apply quantitative and qualitive methods to address GEOINT challenges.

  • Research data issues and inquires and implements process for data transformation, to resolve data issues, collaboration on system changes, and integrity and quality of data personally created/updated.

  • Conduct data validation and reconciliation processes following completion for data movement and enforces processes for data quality issue resolution.

  • Ensures version of Mission data are maintained along with the history of changes, and data content and changes can be audited.

  • Conduct QA/QC checks on structured observation data to reduce inconsistencies.

Required Skills:

  • BA or 4+ years of experience

  • Must have experience using quantitative and qualitative techniques to solve complex problems using analytic tools and techniques such as GIS, quantitative methods and data visualization, modeling, systems analysis, comparative analysis, and database development.

  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience in data mining, cleansing, and exploring spatial, temporal, and non-spatial data in both structured and unstructured formats.

  • Must have the ability to learn an intelligence problem’s essential elements of information, identify sub-processes and dependencies, locate process dysfunction, develop alternative processes or analysis, share expertise with analysts and document approaches and methods for GEOINT analysis.

  • Training in applied mathematics including statistics and mathematical support to provide temporal and pattern analysis, correlation of events, probability analysis, assessments of sampling, analysis of variance and error, and regression testing and analysis.

  • Demonstrated programming skills in languages such as JavaScript, Python, R or other modeling software (eg. FME, SPSS, SAS) for processes, repeatability, efficiency, knowledge capture, hypothesis testing, visualization, and process automation.

  • Proficiency in MS Office suite.

Desired Skills:

  • Master of Arts or Science degree or higher in a quantitative discipline such as data science, Geographic Information Science, Geography, Physical Science, Operations Research, or a related field.

  • Experience with one or more programing languages:

  • e.g. R, Python, Pig, Java, JavaScript, and/or SQL

  • Demonstrated experience with two or more modeling software suites in the absence of programing knowledge:

  • e.g. FME, SPSS, SAS, ArcGIS ModelBuilder, or similar

  • Experience with two or more visualization tools \ packages:

  • e.g. (ggplot, Plotly, matplotlib, D3, Tableau, bokeh)

  • Experience with software packages for formatting and cleansing data in the absence of programing knowledge:

  • e.g. Paxata

  • Domain knowledge / IC:

  • Background in intelligence, defense, international relations, or public administration multi-disciplines.

  • Demonstrated familiarity with the US Intelligence Community specifically GEOINT collection and exploitation.

  • Experience collaborating with all national and service intelligence agencies/centers

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