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Req ID: 0109

Journeyman Analytic Methodologist (3-10 yrs experience) - Rivanna Station, Charlottesville, Virginia

Clearance Level - TS/SCI  (must possess or be able to obtain)

Job Description: 

  • Provide support and guidance for developing schemas to facilitate collection of geospatial data to answer intelligence questions that align with the National System for Geospatial Intelligence Application Schema (NAS) 

  • Responsible for data management and QA/QC support 

  • Create custom data visualizations using a variety of COTS and GOTS data visualization tools 

  • Create and maintain custom python scripts to facilitate automation, augmentation, and AI initiatives 

  • Research and provide guidance on analytic best practices including incorporating additional data sources and methods established by other IC partners

Required skills:

  • Strong GIS background, specifically vector data creation and manipulation as well as familiarity with raster data including both satellite imagery and elevation data 

  • Must be able to create and maintain custom python scripts in both python v2.7 and python 3.x. 

  • Experienced with ArcGIS desktop, ESRI rest services, and SDE's. 

  • Knowledge of ESRI's OpsDashboard and Insights for creating custom data visualizations and web apps 

  • Experienced with Tableau desktop for creating custom dashboards 

  • Experienced with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerBI for data management and creating custom data visualizations 

  • Ability to work multiple projects at the same time, utilizing effective time management and the ability to communicate effectively to shape customer expectations 

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